Relationship Coaching

Hi! I am Elena Knyazeva! I am a Relationship Coach.

As a Certified Coach, I work with:

Individuals or couples with dating or relationship issues.
Relationships within families: parents and children, siblings.
Relationships within companies: teams, business partners, colleagues.
It is important to address issues on time and prevent complications or break-up.

You can book a free session to understand your automatic reactions, patterns and find solutions to make your relationship thrive.

Relationship Coaching in Amsterdam

Why Coaching?


What you will get

You will answer the following questions:

  • How to make your relationship strong and keep the connection
  • How to prevent or deal with conflicts
  • What your relationship or dating life is like
  • What patterns you are repeating
  • What is missing and where your relationship want to move
  • You will hear what is not said in a relationship
  • You will understand what is deep inside 
  • You will understand what deep emotions are not expressed
  • You will look at your story from a different angle
  • You will connect with positivity and things you appreciate
  • You will be clear what holds you from a deeper connection

When Coaching helps

  • If you are single and want a meaningful connection.
  • If you broke up with your partner or divorced and want to learn about yourself.
  • If you are facing problems with your partner, children or family members.
  • If your relationships at work are difficult.
  • If there are frictions between business partners.
  • If there are conflicts, misunderstandings, disagreements.


Coaching for couples, family members, business partners or individuals with relationships issues.

life coach in Amsterdam Elena Knyazeva


Any relationship is alive and change with time. It is important to be aware of and learn what you can do to keep relationships healthy. My clients are individuals, partners, couples or family members looking for a healthy meaningful relationship.

Relationship coaching is one of my favorite types of coaching.
I coach mainly online. If offline coaching is preferable, we can make an appointment in a coaching space in Amsterdam.

The sessions are mainly in English or Russian.
Relationship coaching program consists of 4 sessions (500 EUR) or 8 sessions (900 EUR) depending what your goals are. It can be partnership coaching when you take coaching sessions with your partner or individual sessions with the topic of a relationship.

During the first discovery session we work on the coaching plan.
I ask questions like:

  • What is your relationship like?
  • What do you want to achieve by the end of coaching?
  • What do you need to help the relationship thrive?
  • How do you want to deal with conflicts?
  • What is hard for you to deal with?
  • What is missing in a relationship?
  • What change are you looking for?

After each session you get a call for action for which you hold accountability.
After completing 4 or 8 sessions we discuss your results and we decide if there is anything to work on. I can assure there will be progress on the way to the relationship you are longing for.


I’m a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC). I completed the Coaching studies in Co-Active Training Institute (CTI) in August 2022.  CTI is a pioneering organization in the training industry, accredited by International Coach Federation and others. I have worked for 10 years in the corporate world as a Project manager and Treasurer when I realized that my biggest passion in life is Self-Development and People.  I’ve done studies related to psychology, yoga, life management, health, nutrition, relationships and femininity. I have completed 300hrs Yoga Teacher Training at Yoga Minds Amstelveen. 


Лигия Мелкумян
Лигия Мелкумян
My husband and I had our first ever coaching session with Elena a couple of days ago. And I must say that it was not only productive ( we found answers we were looking for) but also very easy, comfortable and fun time spent. Elena is very dedicated to details, words she hear, emotions we experienced and she was pointing that, which helped us to see the real feelings and expectations we hide behind. Thank you, Lena! Very recommended for a couple sessions.
Mariia Abramkina
Mariia Abramkina
I worked with Elena. After first session I found and answer for my question and build a strategy to manage all things. It was very pleasant atmosphere and Elena gave me a lot of support and inspiration!
Marina Kizilova
Marina Kizilova
This summer I had a course of 10 sessions with Elena. I felt I was surrounded with warmth and attention, I was listened and I was heard. Very grateful for the time and heart she put into our sessions!
Evangelia Gogou
Evangelia Gogou
I got to know Elena during my Coaching training as she was the assistant in the course. She is a bright person and I really wanted to support her practicing for her certification. During our coaching session I felt safe, inspired, heard and motivated to take action. She has a great future ahead and I highly recommend her.
I've really enjoyed Elena's coaching session. It was very playful and fun to do, but its playfulness did give me plenty of insights into where I am, where I want to go and what I don't want anymore. It was light in its approach but not in the results. Elena's personality and energy make it easy to open up to her. She asks the right questions and understands people and their personalities very well, making her good at what she does.
Татьяна Воронцова
Татьяна Воронцова
Elena is an amazing coach! She made me feel comfortable and created a friendly and safe atmosphere , even on Zoom! I felt safe, accepted and heard. During our sessions we explored self esteem issues, relationships and money and so much more! I'm looking forward to new sessions with Elena. Highly recommended!
Elena is an AMAZING coach! She combines empathy, talent, and fierceness in her coaching all the while holding the space for me to reflect deeply. Elena helped me determine where I was struggling and stuck. I walked away feeling lighter with much more clarity about my next steps. She 100% supports you to achieve your goals and uses her intuition to guide you in self-discovery and momentum forward. I felt Elena's full presence during our coaching sessions and I would highly recommend her! Pease reach out to Elena if you're looking for a coach!
Денис Князев
Денис Князев
I really enjoyed coaching sessions with Elena. She is a very intuitive coach. She felt very well what I need and guided me carefully to understand my Self on a deeper level. I found my strenght again to go towards my dream.