Elena is an AMAZING coach! She combines empathy, talent, and fierceness in her coaching all the while holding the space for me to reflect deeply. Elena helped me determine where I was struggling and stuck. I walked away feeling lighter with much more clarity about my next steps. She 100% supports you to achieve your goals and uses her intuition to guide you in self-discovery and momentum forward. I felt Elena's full presence during our coaching sessions and I would highly recommend her! Pease reach out to Elena if you're looking for a coach!

Marina Blokhina

I would like to thank you for the coaching session which helped me look at the situation from "above". When you make a step into the unknown you get terrified. I walked together with you through my own "field" of doubts. I felt supported and could get rid of all unnecessary things and felt lightness. With this new feeling I walked through all the hardships and reached a new "level". Thank you for guiding me though it and being around.


The coaching session with Elena has been really insightful. Elena mirrored what is already obvious inside. A remembering of my natural expression. Thank you Elena!


Dear Elena, I really enjoyed our session with Elena. Elena is a kind, compassionate, calm and professional coach. At all times, I felt listened to, and comfortable. We did an exercise whereby I needed to imagine myself in the future, and I really enjoyed it. Elena has a lot of knowledge and the session was very interactive. Our session was very enjoyable, learned a lot about myself and saw things from a different angle, which really appreciate. Good luck on your journey and feel free to reach out, NeZa.


I've really enjoyed Elena's coaching session. It was very playful and fun to do, but in it's playfulness did give me plenty of insights into where am, where I want to go and what I don't want anymore. It was light in it's approach but not in the results. Elena's personality and energy make it easy to open up to her. She asks the right questions and understands people and their personalities very well, making her good at what she does.


For my first session with Elena, l showed up unprepared - I had no idea what to discuss or what to expect. 10 minutes into the session and we are discussing the most emotional subject that had no idea how to approach prior to this session. Elena gently guided me through the process. Although Elena is my friend, her coaching was most professional (not a girly chit-chat) and I felt could trust her. I ended up with a lot of unexpected insights. As a homework took away questions to think about. One month later and the painful subject I was avoiding for so long is cleared of pain. Thank you, Elena!


I had a really engaging and great coaching session with Elena. Her positive vibe and high level of energy put me at ease from the beginning, which helped me to trust her during the whole coaching session. As a result, I realised a couple of things I need to work on, with a clear direction and next steps. I can only recommend her coaching services, you won't regret it.


I’m so grateful for the coaching session I had with Elena. I have received a lot of insights during the session.  Deep inside me I have found the answers to the questions that kept knocking me out of my state of balance.  I had a possibility to look at myself from a different perspective.  Only one hour of coaching was much more efficient than a therapy with a psychologist.  I keep recalling the session I had with Elena and still realize something new. I sincerely thank you for lighting my path so softly.


Life is unpredictable, and in leu of some events- can even seem unreasonable. One such event has recently turned my life around, in a positive direction, but has  put me in a very uncertain position regarding my career. It seemed as if the situation had no resolution that I could control. After I shared my situation with Elena, she scheduled a coaching session with me. The session was like a breath of fresh air- with Elena’s help I was able to outline an action plan for myself, which put me back in control of the runaway train. I developed a clear vision of my goal, and even went as far as taking steps toward achieving it, within a week of the session.


I’m very grateful to Elena for the first coaching session. With the help of different coaching exercises I could look at the situation from a different perspective and ask myself the right questions. Elena immediately understood what is important and what priorities I have. We have discussed the topic I needed. I liked Elena’s gentle approach and the challenge she offered at the end of the session. It really helps to move from knowing to doing.

Elena Agiadi

I’m very grateful to Elena for the possibility to have a coaching session. This session helped me set a clear intention towards my dream. I could see what held me from getting close to my dream for many years. And what feelings were behind it. We went deep into the topic and I got important insights. I’m sure this will help me make my dream come true. The shift to the right direction has already happened. I can surely recommend Elena as an expert coach. 

Irina Petukhanova

I would like to share my experience of coaching with Elena. From the very beginning I could easily open up to Elena which inevitably brought better results. The whole session was free and easy. And the most important thing is that I still notice long-term benefits which inspire my potential to grow. Good luck Elena! Let your coaching bring lots of opportunities to people.



Dear Lena! I’d like to thank you for the coaching session. My question was related to my inner world and calm mind. And you showed me how to deal with it based on exercises and practices in no time. It helped me be in touch with my feelings and listen to my Self. Come back to the moment and do things that I and my soul want. Now I got quite a broad overview and understanding how to come back to this state. ✨Thank you Lena! ✨