Are you the captain of your own life or there’s no captain at all?

Most of the times people are responsible for what’s happening in their lives.

Modern world is a bustling ocean. And the way we live tomorrow depends on the actions we take today.

Sometimes we say “We will see”, “I cannot foresee the result”, “the Universe knows better”.

According to this approach, a person’s life depends on very abstract things. It’s very very unclear where this ship called “Life” will arrive. Especially if the destination is not set and there’s no map.

Your ship can be drifted offside by the storm of the bustling ocean. Or it can be stuck somewhere expecting that the situation will be solved by itself.

To ensure that it arrives at the right destination you need to make sure that the direction is correct and you are steering the wheel yourself.

Where do I go? What is my next destination? What do I need to do to make things happen?

Take your time to think of these questions. Answers are available inside.

Elena KNYAZEVA, Co-Active Coach

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