Everything that happens in our lives comes out of choices we make.

Thus we are able to design our life to a certain extent. To design the best life be aware of what you want to be, to become, to get…

Some are afraid to want and happy with status quo. Some think they are not worth it. Some think it’s impossible to get it.

The choices you make must be consistent with what you want. To make the resonant choices, it’s important to know who you are, your values, your life purpose. Discovery of these questions can open a completely new world for you.

The questions “What am I truly about?” “What are my talents?” “ What do I care about?”, “What brings fulfilment?” are deep. And there’s the beauty in the discovery.

I’m constantly doing it myself – opening new doors. And every time I’m excited by what’s waiting for me.

Elena KNYAZEVA, Co-active Coach

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