How to prepare for a coaching session? What do we discuss? What happens after sessions? What topic can I bring to a session? I offer life coaching, relationship coaching or

I am the Master of My Fate

Are you the captain of your own life or there’s no captain at all? Most of the times people are responsible for what’s happening in their lives. Modern world is

Power of Words

Have you ever thought about the power of words? Words really matter. Words build communication. And communication is the core of any relationship. Words help us express our thoughts, our

Choices We Make

Everything that happens in our lives comes out of choices we make. Thus we are able to design our life to a certain extent. To design the best life be


It is very important for a person to open up true nature, notice and develop his/her talents. Recently I read an interesting quote: “You’re saying that your soul wants self-expression,


This is what pulls us down. Procrastination happens when we postpone things for later. Most of the times we are in a so-called comfort zone. And it holds us from

How to Become More Conscious?

In pursuit of new learnings and answers we should keep open our mind and soul. What are the steps towards our consciousness? – slow down and observe your own reactions

Path to Happiness

Your joy, your misery, your love, your agony, your bliss lie in your hands. If human beings stop obstructing the path to their own happiness, every other solution is at

Chase or Not to Chase

“A man is like a cat; chase him and he will run – sit still and ignore him and he‘ll come purring at your feet.” Helen Rowland Needy is not


Joy is mad. Yes, joy is mad and only mad people can afford it.Joy knows no control, it is wild.

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