How to prepare for a coaching session?

What do we discuss?

What happens after sessions?

What topic can I bring to a session?

I offer life coaching, relationship coaching or career coaching. But you can notice that everything is linked in our lives. We can start with one topic, e.g. time management and slowly start talking about self-love.

What is important is that you come to the coaching session with a topic, i.e. the area of life which requires attention. For instance, relationship, career, unpleasant situation/conversation, something that triggered you, health issues, money, self-realization and any others. It can be literally anything.

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What do we do during the session?

During the session the topic / issue is observed from different angles using various coaching tools. I guide you with the help of different powerful questions.

We discuss, we go deep (as deep as you allow), we embody, we visualize, we feel and process emotions, we accept, we discover, we explore, we see saboteurs / limiting beliefs, and much more…

During sessions you get insights and find answers through connecting with your inner power via embodiment, visualization and other techniques. We discover your inner potential and resources you possess. 

By the end of the session we discover the action that will bring you closer to your dream or life purpose.

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What happens after a coaching session?

After the session you take actions that lead you to desirable changes. You take charge of the process and the doing part..⠀

We observe:

⠀ – what choices you make.

⠀ – if they are in line with your true wishes and values

⠀ – who makes these choices: you or your internal saboteur???

    – how you create your reality.

A lot depends on your readiness and willingness to act and take charge of your own life.

What is a role of a coach? Is it a mentor or teacher who solves my problems?

Some people think that life coaches give advice and teach people how to live. Well, maybe some do, but not a Co-Active coach.

Coaching is not about teaching, it’s about guiding.

You know yourself what’s good for you. I am always there to guide to deepen the learning about yourself.⠀

I don’t solve problems. I help you create awareness of your life and experience different perspectives to look from. This can ignite a powerful insight and give you a direction to go.

Elena KNYAZEVA, Co-Active Coach

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