Hi! Welcome to my Coaching Space.

I am Elena. I’ve been living in Amsterdam since 2014. I really love the Netherlands. It is one of the most beautiful countries with lots of opportunities. Originally I’m Russian, but living abroad made me a world citizen.

I went trough many transitions in life including immigration, unhealthy relationship, career change and building the life full of fulfillment and meaningful relationships.

I’ve been coaching since the beginning of 2022. I am a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach. I decided to change my career and become a Coach as I love people and want to support them in life.

My passion is to coach people who want to consciously create their best life. Developing people, helping them improve their well-being as well as supporting transformation in their lives make me feel very fulfilled.

life coach in Amstardam Elena Knyazeva

My coaching is based on Trust, Reliability and Integrity. That’s where the name TRI Space comes from. I create a safe space for open, honest and deep conversations. Confidentiality and other ethical norms are the base for our coaching sessions. My professionalism, empathy and devotion to guide clients towards transformation make me reliable.

I connect individuals, couples and teams with their natural creativity and resourcefulness. I help them navigate change and transitions in life. My clients reach integrity, get connected with their purpose and get clarity on further actions. This helps them stop feeling small, become self-confident, build strong relationships and deliver meaningful results.

I am a good observer and listener. During coaching I use my intuition which helps me feel what truly bothers my clients. I am very compassionate and supportive. My clients say they feel comfortable sharing their true emotions. After sessions they feel energized as I challenge the status quo of my clients asking them to take actions which can bring them a step closer towards their dreams.

Coaching can be fun too! Believe me. We can be playful, creative and laugh. I work with different visualizations, metaphors and invite you to connect with your body during the process. Embodiment is very powerful as a body contains a lot of information. Let’s have some productive fun together!


I’m a Certified Professional Coach (CPCC), studied at Co-Active Training Institute. CTI is a pioneering organization in the training industry, accredited by International Coach Federation and others.  I have worked for 10 years in the corporate world as a Project manager and Treasurer.  I’ve done studies related to psychology, yoga, life management, health, nutrition, relationships and femininity. I have completed 300hrs Yoga Teacher Training at Yoga Minds Amstelveen. Now I am studying Organisation and Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC) course in CRR Global.

My coaching stands on a platform of 10 years experience as a Project manager and Treasurer in corporate companies. I have been an entrepreneur leading my coaching practice for 1 year. I learn every day in various leading coaching institutions and get new tools which I immediately apply in my life or practice.

Coaching changed my life! Now it’s full of purpose, meaning, happiness and fulfillment. Self-work is rewarding and influences relationships. During coaching studies I met my boyfriend. You can watch our story in the video.

Watch my story in the video

It is very rewarding to see how coaching makes an impact on clients’ lives. This makes me happy!

I’ve been discovering my own patterns and limiting beliefs for a long time. This awareness helps me keep different areas of my life balanced and healthy.

My biggest passion has always been exploring people and relationships, discovering certain areas: relationships, money, health, career, family, energy and other.

8 years ago I started asking myself questions like:

  • Who am I?
  • What is life balance and how to keep it?
  • How to understand what I want?
  • What is a relationship? 
  • Why can it be so complicated?
  • How to stay healthy: physically and emotionally?

Fortunately, I met coaches and came across valuable books that broadened my awareness.

Since then I got captivated with constant search for answers. After 7 years of my own journey I decided to help others expand their consciousness and see life from different angles.

“Want to change your circumstances? Develop the necessary consciousness.”

John Kehoe

What is TRI?

It’s a wordplay. TRI means “3 – three”, e.g. in Sanskrit it’s “tri” or “treeni”. The name is based on three principles: Trust, Reliability, Integrity.  New awareness follows a cycle of three: from knowing to experiencing and finally being.

Knowing:  you cannot experience that which you do not know.

Experiencing: you cannot be that which you have not experienced.

Being: The simple exquisite is-ness is possible only through the memory of the knowing and experiencing.

The concept of the whole BEING is very fascinating. And discovering what it actually means is hidden in the path of each of us.

We can discover it together.